Revolutionizing Family Time: Bid Farewell to Late Night Homework! Imagine a world where late-night homework no longer encroaches upon precious family moments. We offer a unique study experience with structured study lounges that qualified, experienced professionals supervise. Our approach integrates academic success and accountability seamlessly, making traditional homework unnecessary. Navigating the Demands of Modern Athletics: Empowering Athletes with Flexibility and Support In today’s sports landscape, the schedules of travel and club athletes have evolved significantly, surpassing the tournament, showcases, and recruiting opportunities of the past. Athletes now operate in an ultra-competitive and dynamic environment where their commitments extend far beyond the field. With more practice, lessons, competitions, and time away from home than ever, finding a balance that allows athletes to maintain their identity as a child and family members is essential.

PFA Sports Academy Independent Study Weekly Schedule:


8am-10am: Independent Study supervised by on-site tutor

10am-11:15am - Sport-related Skills Work

11:15am-11:45am: Break for Lunch

11:45am-12:45pm: Workout/Strength and Conditioning

12:45pm-1:30pm: Optional Study Hall with on-site tutor

PFA Sports Academy Charter School/Home School Weekly Schedule:


8am-10am: Optional Study Hall to complete Charter/Home School work with our on-site tutor

10am-11:15am - Sport-related Skills Work

11:15am-11:45am: Break for Lunch

11:45am-12:45pm: Workout/Strength and Conditioning

12:45pm-1:30pm: Optional Study Hall with our on-site tutor

PFA Sports Academy Monthly Tuition: $375

Additional Charter School Pricing

PFA Sports Strength and Skills Training - 2 days per week: $190 per month

PFA Sports Strength and Skills Training - 3 days per week: $285 per month

PFA Sports Strength and Skills Training - 4 days per week: $375 per month

Jr High/HS Baseball - 3 days per week: $185 per month

Youth Baseball - 3 days per week: $150 per month

Private Baseball Lessons - 30 minute lessons, 1 day per week: $60

At PFA Sports, we recognize athletes’ unique challenges in this new landscape. Our training programs are designed to accommodate the changing schedules and demands of athletes’ lives. We provide the flexibility and support necessary for athletes to pursue their athletic dreams without sacrificing their overall well-being and personal development. Unlike traditional programs that enforce mandatory attendance, we offer a different approach. Our training programs understand that athletes have various commitments and responsibilities. We embrace flexibility, allowing athletes to tailor their training schedules to fit their needs. Whether it’s accommodating school obligations, family time, or other commitments, our programs provide the freedom to create a balanced lifestyle. Additionally, we understand the importance of education alongside athletics. We collaborate with third-party educational providers to offer comprehensive educational support. Our athletes can access quality education and maintain academic progress while pursuing athletic goals. This integrated approach ensures that athletes can excel on and off the field. At PFA Sports, we take pride in our program’s unparalleled ability to support collegiate-bound athletes. By embracing a flexible training approach, and educational support, we empower athletes to thrive in the face of intense competition. Our commitment to the holistic development of athletes sets us apart, making PFA Sports Academy the ideal choice for athletes seeking success at the collegiate level and beyond.

Unleash Your Full Athletic Potential!

In our pursuit of excellence, we recognize the importance of providing athletes with the best resources to accelerate their athletic development. That's why we offer a cutting-edge program where athletes collaborate with collegiate-qualified speed, strength, and conditioning coaches - true professionals in their respective sports.

Our mission is clear: to make athletes faster and stronger, equipping them with the tools and expertise needed to reach new heights in their athletics endeavors. By joining forces with our elite coaches athletes gain access to a wealth of knowledge and specialized training techniques honed through years of experience at the collegiate level.

Through our program, we break down socio-economic barriers ensuring that the very best in training is accessible to athletes from all backgrounds. We believe that talent and dedication should never be hindered by financial constraints. By eliminating the burden of excessive club fees, we level the playing field, providing equal opportunities for athletes to unleash their full potential.

When athletes train under our guidance, they embark on a transformative journey of athletic growth and achievement. Our coaches tailor whether it's enhancing speed, building strength, or improving overall conditioning, our experts are there every step of the way, and powering athletes to surpass their previous limits, training programs to suit individual needs, focusing on specific skill sets and physical attributes required for success in each sport.

Join our program and experience the remarkable impact of collegiate qualified speed, strength, and conditioning coaches on your athletic journey. Together, we will unlock your true potential, enabling you to excel in your chosen sport and realize your dreams of athletic greatness. Faster, stronger, and more determined than ever, you will redefine what it means to be an exceptional athlete

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